How do I add a micro sdcard to an Isd1820 recorder and player project.

I would like to use an isd1820 module and an arduino uno r3 to make a sound recorder and player in one!
I found the following link to be very usefull, the question is how do I connect a micro sd card to it?

Here is the link:

How do I connect a micro sd card module to it?
Thank you for your help.


How do I connect a micro sd card module to it?

Google “Arduino SD card”

However how do you think you will write the software?

And what's the purpose of the SD card?

By googling "isd1820", I've realized that the chip is the only one who saves the recording; there is no way to transmit it other than playing it back.

I was thinking of connecting it to an arduino uno, assuming that I could connect the sd card module to the uno. The following connections shows how I was thinkink of connecting the isd1820 to the uno:

VCC => Arduino 5v

GND => Arduino GND

FT => Arduino pin 5

Play L (PL) => Arduino pin 4

PLAY_E(P-E) => Arduino Pin 3

REC => Arduino pin 2

Here is the cod:

#define REC 2 // pin 2 is used for recording
#define PLAY_E 3 // pin 3 is used for playback-edge trigger
#define FT 5 // pin 5 is used for feed through
// and will NOT record
#define playTime 5000 // playback time 5 seconds
#define recordTime 3000 // recording time 3 seconds you can extend time upto 10 seconds
void setup()
pinMode(REC,OUTPUT);// set the REC pin as output
pinMode(PLAY_E,OUTPUT);// set the PLAY_e pin as output
pinMode(FT,OUTPUT);// set the FT pin as output

Note that a Uno is a 5V device and gives out 5V signals. An SD card is a 3V3 device and puts out and requires 3V3 signals. This means you need some form of level shifting. Some circuits out there have no level shifting which makes them bad circuits, avoid those.