how do i assing analogRead values to an uint8_t array element

Hi guys, this is my first post and im a newbie to arduino and programming. im trying to make a simple rc motor using arduino uno as the receiver, attiny85 as the transmitter and a rf433 module. im using the manchester library and i have read some posts relating to this but my problem is a little different. my goal is to read the values from 2 joystick and assign them to the elements of an array and send them like the example that comes with the manchester library. please see the program attached and you will see what i’m trying to do. I think the problem may be in the data types used and i know very little about that. can you please help me with the program and educate me about the data types, 8bit, 16bit, etc.

Thank you

FM_TX.ino (455 Bytes)

please see the program attached

Looks right
Looks left
Looks up
Looks down

I see no program

how do i assing analogRead values to an uint8_t array element

Ten into eight don't go.

Google "Arduino data types"

i noticed i didn't attach the file after posting and have to wait 5 mins to edit again. i'm so stupid

And arrays

And arrays

Thank you. the analog value will be 0-1023 so what will use that will be compatible with the library? ‘long’? ‘unsigned long’?

"int" or "unsigned int" (aka "int16_t" and "uint16_t" respectively)