How do I change managed EEPROM start address

I have a Mega program that uses a very small part of its EEPROM.
I suspect that part of my EEPROM has been worn out by a bad loop.
As my eeprom addresses are managed, I assume they start at address 0 and only uses the first part of the memory.
Is there a way to set the initial start address of managed system (except using discrete addresses or some kind of a memory optimization program).

Yes, when writing to the eeprom, an address is always given.

It sounds like you don't understand the code you have, I guess you didn't write it, and have never read it? Why not post it here so that the forum can try to assist you? If you decide to post it, please do that in accordance with the forum guide.

See the bit in your code that sets the start address? Cos we can’t.
Well set that variable to a different number.

Guys, I dont know anything about you, but you seem to know a lot about me.
I have been programing probably before most of you were even born, so I know what I'm talking about. Please read again my post and do not reply if you do not know the answer.
My question was very simple, and I'll elaborate it here: When using managed addresses in EEPROM one gives the locations names rather than numbers. The program assigns each such name an address and number of bytes according to its type.
By default, the system starts the address numbering at address zero and from there on.
I simply asked if anyone knows how one can change the default addressing start to be other than zero. "(except using discrete addresses or some kind of a memory optimization program)."
It can be found in the header file, but I thought someone would knkow it saving me the search time.

Managed by what?

Are you talking about using avr/eeprom.h and using EEMEM to store data in the eeprom? In that case, I understand that the linker determines the memory locations and you do have not control over them.

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