How do I change my title in this new forum?

What's currently ATTiny Obsessee - I want to change it. I click icon in upper right, then the person symbol, log in, and can change most info, but when I click forums settings, I get an error page:

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

That's where I thought the setting is supposed to be. Anyone know how we change it now? I'd like to make it reflect what I focus on, now that I've transitioned from classic tinyAVR to to the modern tinyAVR and Dx series.

Click on your avatar (upper right), click on the little guy symbol, then Forum Profile, then preferences, then Profile. Is the About me what you want?

It's set via the "Title" menu on your forum account page:

However, this is not free text. All the accounts that were migrated from the old forum were given a title for whatever the equivalent field was in the old forum account, if they had it filled in, but after that the only titles you can get are based on a selection of the forum badges you have earned.

If you don't want a title, you can select "(none)" from the title menu.

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