how do I clear the uploaded sketch out of my microcontroler

each time I upload a sketch onto my board I can't get it to clear out unless I load another sketch. even when i hit the reset button on my board it still keeps the sketch uploaded. why is it doing this and how do I make it stop?

That is normal behavior for the arduino board. The loaded sketch will remain active once loaded no matter if powered off or reset. You either live with that or you always load a new known sketch when you are finished with the board. I normally load the blink example sketch to a board if I plan on not using it for awhile. When you eventually own several arduino board you will find that you often need to load a known sketch into a board before you attempt to wire up new or different stuff to the board before having the new sketch uploaded.


thanks for the reply
i'm trying to load the x-ctu program onto my board because I'm using XBEE and it seems like because I have that sketch on my board its bloking the x-ctu software. is that true or maybe It's somthing else

The Arduino is like your TV. It stays on the same channel until you change it. You don't have to "clear" the channel first.