How do I connect 3.5 TFT LCD Shield to UNO?

As this display is a shield, it connects straight to the board. How can I connect it to the UNO using breadboard or another way?

Please post a link to the actual Shield that you have bought. e.g. Ebay sale page.

You just plug a Shield into the Uno as Nature intended. Every male pin goes into the corresponding female socket.

A Shield is not "breadboard friendly". The Power, Analog (A0-A5) and Digital (D0-D7) pins fit on a breadboard but D8-D13 are 1.27mm out of line.

This means that a Shield will never fit. However you can buy nice Green Chinese ProtoShield pcbs. You can solder female socket strip for a Shield. And male header strip for the breadboard. With everything lining up properly.
Please note that "official Blue Arduino Protoshield" does not line up for breadboard without extra wiring.

But seriously. A Parallel TFT Shield uses most of the Uno GPIO pins. You can't add much external electronics.


You have to look up what pins the shield uses. Then use male-to-female Dupont jumpers to connect those pins.

If you want to go by way of a breadboard, use male-to-male Dupont jumpers to connect the Arduino UNO pins to separate columns on the breadboard and then use male-to-female jumpers to connect the breadboard columns to the shield.

If God gave you a Shield and also a Uno, why would you not just plug them together ?

Nature provides male and female with the appropriate appendages and receptacles.

If you really want to perform long distance "telephone sex", you provide an intermediate female-to-male jumper wire for each and every active pin.


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