How Do I Connect 6 Photoresistors to an Arduino Uno?

So how do you connect multiple photoresistors to an Arduino Uno and what do I need to do it?

This is what I have for a material list so far:
1 x Arduino Uno (of course)
2 x Breadboards (I need two arrays of photoresistors that intersect)
? x 10kohm Resistors
6 x Photoresistors

I'm fairly (completely) new to Arduino and so I'm not 100% certain how to do some things, like what I need and how to assemble it (thus this post was created to learn) and sites and other sources I've looked at never demonstrated or explained how the connect multiple photoresistors to a single Arduino Uno.

The UNO has six analog inputs, numbered 0 through 5. Connect one LDR to each.

Each input pin will need one LDR (to +5V) and one fixed resistor (to Ground).