How do I connect a 172719 jameco relay?

Anyone knows how to connect a relay?
I need to turn on and off fans that work at 120 volt. For that I need to use the jameco 172719 relay, so now I have one but I dont know how to connect things: I don´t know where to plug the interrupted 120 V cable and where to plug what goes to the pin of the arduino and if it needs 5V or some other current aside of the 120V
interrupted one. I attached an image with the wiring diagram printed on top of it and
the info printed on the side.

Many thankssss!


You are going to need a transistor to switch the relay and a protection diode to protect the Arduino. The playground has some sample schematics. I would test this out with the relay switching low voltage DC (5-12V) to a lamp or LED so that I had a good understanding of how the circuit was behaving before I hooked the circuit up the mains.

Many thanks, I followed your instructions and it works perfect!

To be fair, I only pointed you to a tutorial someone else wrote. Following tutorials like those are how I learned to do what I have been able to do so far. There are a lot of good teachers on the Internet and around here especially.