How do I connect a FSR and Bluetooth module to a arduino board

Hi, are there any suggestions about how to connect a FSR together with a HC-05 module to a Arduino Nano via a breadboard? We wish to obtain real time data with an Android app that is connected to HC-05. A schematic diagram will be helpful!

Frequency Scanning Radar?

Force Sensitive Resistor (FSR)

There are several tutorials and diagrams to be found with a Google search, were they no good ?

We have searched on Google, but there was nothing about connecting FSR and Bluetooth to Arduino. Instead what we got was connecting only the Bluetooth to arduino

So treat it as 3 projects.

First get the FSR working with the Arduino, so that you can read it, display the results, and check its working as expected.

Second get the Bluetooth working, so you can see test data you send appearing in the Android app.

Third combine the two projects.

If you try to get it all working at once, you will likley get confused, I would.

Yup, we have done the first two steps. Now we are not sure of how to combine them? Since some pins will overlap with each other for FSR and the Bluetooth module when connecting to the arduino

Are you seloseohs or yqsoh ?

Why not post again, this time adding the schematics and code of what you have working and ask how to combine them, these are the details that should have been in your first post !