how do I connect an LCD screen?

I have the following LCD:

as I hope you can see it doesnt have pins
how can I(and if not what should I buy) connect it to my arduino uno?
and what code should I use to print lets say the number one to the lcd?

You're kidding, right?

(and tidy your bedroom)

no why?
I was going to buy a specific LCD that would fit arduino but I found the one above in a box and thought I'd check if I can use it

wait did you actually smite me because I asked a question? what the hell is wrong with you?

no why?

Have you actually looked at the photo you posted?

heres a better one:

Still can't see the part number. (hint)


You're kidding, right?

(and tidy your bedroom)


Heh, I don't use to do this, but it was just so... :grin:

Back to the actual question.

Have you been able to print something to any other LCD's?


no I dont know how thats why my second question was what code should I use...
how do I connect an LCD such as the above to arduino? sicne it has no incoming or outcoming pins/wires, just this one commonley used wire thing?
what should I buy to make it compatible?

what should I buy to make it compatible?

What data did you manage to find for the device?

I know what Google told me, but you (since you have the device in your hands) may have some idea of where it came from, and so may have some better idea what it is capable of.

Otherwise, assuming you don't have adequate test equipment (probably at least an oscilloscope) bin it, and buy something that is supported, or at least documented.

it used to be my mp3 player LCD frogot the brand but it'll get to me
I just wanted to see if anyone can help me but i'll just buy a more common one