How do i connect this?

I have this bluetooth module:
The problem is there is no PIN or what soever just some half hole in the sides. Any suggestion how can i connect it? :o

Man that is a small pic and I can barely see what you're working with.

Got a link? I would start with the datasheet for whatever it is.

You solder it to something like this

Bluetooth Module Base Board

Mine is EGBT-045MS

I have the slave version of that.

I attached it to a scrap of veroboard so that I had a more robust way to connect wires to it that go to my Arduino.
Also I needed some space for the other components necessary to convert between 3.3v and 5v because mine is a 3.3v Bluetooth device.

I used the circuit in one of the documents linked to on this Hobbytronics page


PS I pushed pieces of solid wire up through the veroboard so they sat in the half-holes in the module and then delicately soldered them to the module with a very fine soldering iron. Then I soldered them to the tracks on the underside of the veroboard. The wire I had was a push fit in the veroboard which made things a bit easier. If the wire is a loose fit use a long piece so you can hold it and then trim it to size afterwards.