How do i control 4 dc motors? Help!


I am trying to plan out a project using Arduino that involves using 4 dc motors. I have no idea how I am supposed to connect 4 dc motors to my Arduino, I am using the Arduino Uno. I am sure I need to use the motor shield but that only controls 2 dc motors when I need it to control 4 dc motors. Is there any way to control 4 dc motors without having 2 Arduino Uno's? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

What size are your motors? What voltage? How much current (Amps) does each require? There are other (better, cheaper) ways to control motors than shields, shields are just more convenient.

2, 1.5V 1.5inch 0.70A dc motors and then 2 more 6 or 9v dc motors, didnt purchase the 2nd pair yet so im not completely sure what it will be.

What's the stall current of the motors? That's usually the key parameter.

0.18-0.25A at no load 0.70A at max efficiency

What are the other ways I can control 4 motors?

Is there any way to control 4 dc motors without having 2 Arduino Uno's?

Imho there is no shield which controls 4 DC motors, so you can't use a shield. But, if you go with "non-shield" modules, you can control 2 DC motors per shield. E.g.: L9110 DC Motor Controller Board for 2 motors

I forgot, you can find more Dual Channel Motor drivers with TI chips at Pololu's: DRV8833 and DRV8835 The difference = current per motor

Motor shields can drive 4 dc motors. So I'm not really sure what information everyone else is going off of.

ok, you are right; I don't use them so it's beyond my expertise :)