How do I convert Arduino data into waveform ?


I am looking for way to visually display data from a sensor onto PC/laptop screen.

So far I have been able to get Arduino board up and running.
Also I am able to open serial monitor and can see data in numerical form within serial monitor.

However, I would like to make some decisions based on the waveform of the data. To do this I want to visually see in the form of a waveform.

Since my programming skills (speciallly OOP) skill are very limited, I am looking for easy way to display data as waveform.

Any ideas are appreciated.

My understanding is that Arduino with Processing will be much simpler than other combinations.

  1. Arduino + Python code

  2. Arduino + Processing code.

For my case, 2) should be easier than 1), right ?


yes for sure processing.

have a look at the oscilliscope example, it graphs an analog value over time.

Thanks bill-- that gives pointer in which direction to proceed.

You mean there is an oscilloscope example in Arduino IDE ? (or you mean look in Processing examples ?)