How do I display sensor data on PC


I wish to know that if I have numbers of sensors attached to Arduino Yun. How can I display real time data from sensors using WiFi on my PC. Sensors planned are temperature sensor, Gas Sensor, pressure sensor, ultrasonic sensors and few other sensors also....

Why use WiFi? But if you insist, post the data to a web page server running on the PC.

Thanks jremington.

But can you please tell me exactly how should i go about making a web page server and posting data on it....

Or please tell me some other alternate mechanism to do that....

There are lots of tutorials on the web showing how to make a web page server.

If can code in c++, visual basic or java, you can make a program to run on your pc. When I first got my Yun a few years ago, I coded a vb program to get data from the Yun sdcard and display it on my Windows 7 pc. My sensors at that time were logging to the Yun sdcard.

Nowadays, you can you the cloud sites to store your sensors data. You can then retrieve data from the cloud to display on mobile devices.

You can use official Arduino WiFi Shield to post your data ([u][/u]).

So your Arduino board is a client which ever data is processing through your arduino that will post the data in server using WiFi library. On the otherhand use php script or any other script for server side coding. You can refer this example ([u][/u])

To view your data in server you can use ,