How do I do to rescue scketch?

Recently I did format my computer with backup complete, including all software. So after I reinstalled again, the software Arduino can work without my programs stayed record at sketches, I´m afraid
I guess I lost them.
Would it be possible to rescue my programs? How do I do it?

If you used the desktop IDE you have probably lost them.

If however you were using the ONLINE IDE there is a pretty good chance of getting them back.

So at this point it would help to know what you were using.

If you were using the Arduino IDE, then the Arduino team won’t be able to recover your lost sketches. In case, if you use the Arduino Web IDE, then there are chances to recover your sketch from the Username and Email of your Arduino account with the URL of the missing sketch.

Note: It is always recommended to have a back up of files.

First all, I appreciate your return , thank you very much. Unfortunately I use IDE desktop.

Now we know you use the desktop version all I can do is point you to some software that "might" be of use but the process of data recovery is extremely slow and time consuming.

I tend to use a variety of software but RECUVA has shown an ease of use that many users have found useful.

I would say that if you are going to try the software method then please do not install ANY additional software on the computer.

If possible use the drive that you wish to recover as an ADDITIONAL drive / spare drive etc. and NOT drive C:
If the drive makes clicking sounds when powered up then simply forget the whole process .

Usually I take the drive and insert them into another computer to perform these sort of tasks.

If the drive makes clicking sounds when powered up then simply forget the whole process .

Ah, that brings back memories; click-of-death on Iomega zip drives.

Hi everyone,
I appreciate your bits of help, but I am giving up to try to fix