Hello, im doing a robot for a competition. I have too many things connected and the arduino reset due to the poor alimentation. I am using two batteries of 9v, one for the arduino and another for the external power of my Adafruit motor shield. I have avaible 2 batteries of 9.6V and 750mAh, and a 4S Li-Po of 1500mAh. These are all the components I am using in my robot:

  • x4 motors of 3v-6v 250mAh (the yellow ones)
  • x5 servos MG90s
  • x1 servo SM-S4303R
  • x1 FS-IA6B receptor

I will probably install more components. Any idea for feeding this proyect??

Stop using 9v batteries. It is just a stack of weak batteries.

Use LIPO 9.6V for everything. See if you can find higher current LIPO

I have a 4S Li-Po of 1500mAh, I can buy a DC-DC converter to obtain 5v to all servos and motors. But the ampers obtain will be very high.

I would probably use this DC-DC conversor. Thanks for the help.


Can you please post a copy of your circuit, in CAD or a picture of a hand drawn circuit in jpg, png?
Not a Fritzy picture.
Please include ALL your power supplies and connections.

Until you do this, we have no idea how you exactly have your project connected.
A picture of your project so we can see your component layout will help as well.

Tom... :slight_smile:


Unfortunately that is what is called a Fritzy picture.
For example you are not powering your project with two smoke detector batteries.

Please hand draw a circuit that is more representative of your project, including pin names/labels and your actual power supplies.
Show your shield and Mega as separate items.
I know this is somewhat laborious, but a proper readable schematic can help now and in the future.

Thanks… Tom… :slight_smile:

Trying to drive six servos with batteries and no supply decoupling is not going the happen. They can take up to 1A each when starting and changing direction.