How do I find co-ordinates from an accerelometer?

I have an Arduino and an ADXL335 accerelometer , all I want is to find the coordinates only ( x and y) (and later also to calculate number of footsteps) , I do understand accerelometer detects motion and gives analog value corresponding to change in velocity i.e. acceleration . However accerelation is double derivative of distance , so I need to find the double integral of accerelometer reading. How do I implement this with a code ? Any snippet of code would be helpful. Sorry I'm asking about a specific problem as I don't find much information on google.

It is not easy.

I don't find much information on google.

Try the words:- dead reckoning using accelerometers

You will probably discover that the noise from the accelerometer makes the double integration approach useless after just a few seconds. But in some situations it may work reasonably well, so why not tell us a little more about your project?

Try this website they have an open source AHRS for tracking foot steps.