How do I get a bluetooth module and sound sensor to work on the same circuit?

Hello all, got an issue with bluetooth, sound sensors and wiring that I'm hoping you can help me with!

Parts and wiring:
I have an IR module, a Sparkfun Sound Sensor and a HC-05 bluetooth module all powered from the same rails on my breadboard. Additionally there is a strip of WS2012B's with a different power supply that's linked via a ground wire and data wire to the Arduino. Here's a link to how the wiring setup looks (the software I'm using doesn't have an HC-05 module graphic or sound sensor graphic so it's just represented with wires).

The Project:
The Ardunio takes an measurement from the sound sensor, turns that into a usable number which is then used to create patterns on the LED strip. I use an IR sensor/remote to change the pattern mode. The next step is to send that same number to a remote Ardunio via the use of HC-05 modules. This Ardunio makes the same pattern on another strip of LEDs.

The Issue:
I've found that when the bluetooth module is plugged into the breadboard rails it causes the Sound Detector to trigger in a looping pattern, sending incorrect data to my LED strip. It can also cause the IR sensor's input LED to flash as though it's being triggered.

I've done some research and sound sensor looks to be triggering incorrectly because the HC-05 module injects voltage noise into my circuit (I think due to one ground wire being stepped down to 3.3v) and/or is digital and the sound sensor's is analogue. So I think I'm correct in saying that as the voltages base fluctuates on the circuit this causes the voltage reading equipment on the sound sensor to trigger in incorrectly.

What I've done:
Some more research put me in the direction of using capacitors or ferrite beads to reduce circuit noise. I don't have any of the latter though with the former though I've used those small 104 capacitors and a larger 50uF capacitor both at where the power starts on the rail, next to the microphone vin and gnd and the HC-05 vin and gnd all with no positive results.

I've created a common ground, seperated out the grounds. removed potential ground loops and also used a star ground none of which had any effect. I attempted to seperate out the grounds into analogue and digital but I think because there's always a wire bringing sensor data into the Arduino the issue is still present.

I've done a fair amount of research and spent 10's of hours looking up how to solve this issue with no luck. I think now the main issue is the only elecronics I know come from learning and working on this project rather than from an academic background.

Things that do work on the project:

  • Both HC-05 IC's work and I've confirmed they can send data from one Ardunio to the other.
  • Both Arduinos work
  • The sound sensor and IR remote work perfectly fine when the HC-05 isn't in the circuit.
  • LEDS work fine.

So my questions are:
How do a I get the HC-05 and the Sound Sensor to work on the same circuit, powered off the same power supply as the Ardunio?

I also have a power supply with 2 USB outputs which I could use to power the HC-05 module and the Arduino with analogue IC's seperatly. Is there an easy way of powering that and sending data to the Ardunio without injecting the noise I think is causing this?