How do I get an xbee to upload a scketch

I have an xbee s1 on and atmega328. Can tranfer data back and forth but can not upload a scketch. stumped...

You can't do it directly, you need special hardware.

Following tutorial not loading for me today:


Or search on "arduino wireless programming".

Thanks for the links. I have tried and failed. The hardware is correct.

mwhat hardware do you have?

  1. a standard xbee shield?
  2. a shield you modified yourself?
  3. a shield you bought that was designed specifically for downloading?

Good questions.
The shields were bought.
but it does not have the jumper between D3 and RTS

my error:
avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0xe0

1 Arduino Duemilanove ATmega328 1 XBee shield (XBee Shield) KVC mcukit on top 2 XBees (XBee 1mW Chip Antenna - Series 1) s1's 1 USB to XBee serial board (USB XBee Adapter)sparkfun(not sure.. small)

The setting are from Sean Carneys website. Does anyone know if the USB tranfer sizes in the port setting on the PC matter?

I'll keep trying Thank for the help.