How do I get Arduino to act as an access point to connect to the Internet?

Hi Everyone,

Is there a way where I can config the Arduino to become an access point, so that it can connect to my gateway router and have end devices connected to it? (To ultimately provide internet access)

So my end devices (like my smartphone), would be able to surf the web by connecting to the Arduino AP.

I did some research and it seems I may need a WiFi Shield or ESP8266, but I'm still totally unsure if either of these would help.

Any help would be appreciated,


Why not just get the phone to connect directly to the gateway router? Sounds much simpler.


Take a look at your Arduino. Do you see any kind of antenna that would be necessary to send/receive data wirelessly? Mine doesn't have one.

Do you see a place to connect an ethernet cable to? Mine doesn't have one.

So, clearly, you will need some external hardware to create an access point.

have a look at ESP8266 AP Web Server

I tend to use Raspberry Pi 3B+ systems as acces points as they have built in WiFi (for the AP) and Ethernet (for FTP and to connect to the internet if required) - see RaspAP Access Point and raspberry-pi-wi-fi-honeypot/