How do I get arduino to work with a motor?

without buying a motor shield from someone. How can I get an arduino to work with stepper or servor or dc motor? What do I buy? The Duemilanove w/Atmega328 is the main board.

Thank you.

You could have typed in arduino with servo and you get tons of answers. Look it up first before you post.

I found this but did not see how to put it together:

How do I build what they have?

How do I build what they have?

Using the same chip they used, and a breadboard and some wires.

The wiring diagram for the chip, when you get it will tell you what connects to each pin, although the picture is pretty clear.

Apart from recommending searching, I would say that servos are the easiest to drive/control using the servo library (search for that here, too).

A servo gives you a motor with gearbox, which you can drive directly from the Arduino with no other circuitry required (note as with any motor check the supply current draw - you'll probably need a separate power supply for the servo).

Search youtube or google etc. for info on modifying a servo for continuous rotation as well.

well you can use a h bridge ic based on your require mants if 500 to 600 uamps is ok go for the l293

500 to 600 uamps

Not many decent-sized motors will run on that sort of current - did you mean milli-amps?

oh sorry i meant milliamps