How do I get privileges??? I need example code!!!

I have bought the genuine arduino Mega2560 and Ethernet boards to connect to Xively (pachube).

When clicking the link ‘PachubeClientString?’ to get example code and I get the message “Insufficient privileges to perform action.”

I have registered and logged. No different.

The example used to be accessible. What do I do to get the privileges. I can not find any references to this. Why is this not explained when the message appears so I know how to proceed. I am effectively locked out of getting the example code I need without knowing what to do about it.

Please help.

Perhaps you should show a link to the website if you expect one of us here to try it out.

There's a lesson here.

A vast majority of the Internet is utter rubbish. Not to speak of the fact that about a third of the traffic must be pornography, but (some) people make a living "creating" websites with all sorts of magic "features" - things that pop up, animations, "interactive" widgets and such. And on average they do a bad job of it, many of the features becoming unreliable, not properly tested with the various web browsers available, and such.

So when you come across a website that simply does not work and gives you such peculiar messages as you say - and let me be clear - the website has failed, so there is almost certainly nothing you can do - well, just accept it as "progress". :astonished:

If you can find a link for a "webmaster" to take responsibility, by all means send a complaint. Lots of luck!

{The fact that you had to "register" and "log in" is a very bad indication for a start.}

Thanks for your reply Paul.

I agree totally but perhaps I should have made it clearer... I am referring to this Arduino Site.

The example code I am trying to get access to is right down the bottom of this page

the link PachubeClientString?

Thanks for your input.

I don't know what's up with those links - just forget them; instead, use google - if you google "PachubeClientString" - you'll get a github link to what is likely the working code:

Actually - you'll get plenty of github links; likely the author had a github or google code account with the code on it at some point (maybe you can find it - if you can find who the original author is/was) - and it's been forked a little bit - but it should be enough to get started with.

Thanks for your suggestions cr0sh, I will check out github.

I have found some examples elsewhere but I would still like access to the 'official' examples and I would like to know why the arduino guys have restricted access and how do I get access???

The examples do not yet exist…

I would like to know why the arduino guys have restricted access?

Because the links are to edit the page…

…and how do I get access???

Get the Arduino folks to hire you.

Thank you Moderator CB. I wish they had put that with the restricted message when it came up. It would have saved a lot of time.

My comment about previously getting access related to the GSM Pachube example which I have previously used and I assumed this was the same.