How do I get started on Atmega8 programming?

Hi all!

I am a beginner here. I have made a small project with Arduino and it uses Nokia 5110 LCD. Now I saw some posts online and I came to know that one can 'program' the processor itself and connect LCD directly! I have an Atmega8 lying around and I was hoping if I can program it somehow. It comes with Arduino Bootloader installed (I don't know what that means)

I have used Arduino Uno for the project. I have connected the LCD and added few tactile buttons. And LCD displays some pre stored character strings. Does not require internet or any computing.

Is this project doable? Where do I get started? I also read that I can use Arduino mini/micro/nano to program the Atmega8. I would prefer this way, as I arduino uno I can use it in different tasks.

Any help regarding this is appreciated. Thank you!

Your project is doable. My recommendation is to study first of all (ATmega datasheet ). You can use Arduino as programmer for Atmega8. You can program bootloader into ATmega8 also an then program it (it mean upload sketch) by the same way as into Arduino. Read this