how do i graph the out output of a pressure sensor in real time?

I need to graph the pressure values in real time to detect pressure variations. ( Ive done all the necessary calculations to convert the voltage signal into a pressure value). Im currently using an arduino UNO.

Thanks for the help.

Im currently using an arduino UNO.

Where, on the UNO, do you plan to draw this graph?

The differential sensor has 3 pins connected to supply ground and an analog pin A0. I wish to plot a pressure vs time graph in real time using the sensor values. I would eventually have these values displayed on a touch screen. How do I do so?

touch screen

differential sensor

One step at a time. Learn to use the sensor, and print data on the serial monitor.

Then, learn how to connect the touch screen, and print data and/or plot on it.

Finally, put the two projects together. You will need a buffer to store some number of sensor readings, and plot those on the screen.

Some years ago I posted a project similar to yours on the AVRFreaks forum. Nine years later it is still working well!

The library for the display should have graph examples. It is essentially just a matter of converting time and data to pixels in order to locate a point. It might be wise select a display with a size that is convenient for what you intend to do.



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