How do I install Arduino 0018 on  Mac OS

This is carried over from recent posts in other topics related to the release of v18 of the IDE.

Since v17 and also now for v18 the PC subfolder hierarchy has been kept consistent but for the most recent MAC OSx version all the subfolders are hidden within the application, you can see them by displaying the contents of the file and then tracking through to the various locations but it is not an obvious place to find this stuff for persons with limited experience who may be new to the arduino environment.
So I am curious why was the OSX version packaged in this way and yet the Windows version remains consistent form version 15.

What am I missing here?



It was done this way on the mac because it is the recommended way to do package a complex application on the mac. It makes it REAL EASY to delete or upgrade. None of this registry stuff that you never know if its really gone or not and nothing special to install. Drag one "file" to the applications folder (or where ever) and you are done.


Thank you; that is the most coherent answer to this question so far.
I've learned that it works quite well and is no big deal, thanks for your interest.



And the only thing (as far as I know) that you would want to keep between versions and not get deleted has been thought of and solved, user-imported libraries. So there really isn't any drawback to having everything contained in an application.