how do i interface arduino mega or uno to pata hdd?

hello everyone! a friend of mine, who once had a pc shop , gifted me many pata hard drives. i (just for fun) would like to connect an hdd to an arduino. i have: Mega 2560, Uno, Nodemcu, attiny 85 (maybe this one is kinda small). does anyone have any ideas? i tryed IDEFat library but it doesnt compile. HELP

Get a Pata to USB fitting (you may have to look on Ebay or similar if no longer availalbe through the normal chanels). These often come as a box to put your drive in and power supply with a usb interface. You can test it on a PC/laptop to make sure it is working.

You are then left trying to find the libraries and ways to connect a USB drive to your Mega/?? which I believe is readily available (famous lst words I'm sure).

Might want to look at GitHub - greiman/UsbFat: Arduino FAT32/FAT16 library for USB drives.

Theoretically, you can drive a PATA disk directly using Arduino (at least the MEGA since you need 20+ pins)

The oldest method of transferring data over the IDE/ATA interface is through the use of programmed I/O. This is a technique whereby the system CPU and support hardware directly control the transfer of data between the system and the hard disk. There are several different speeds of programmed I/O, which are of course called programmed I/O modes, or more commonly, PIO modes.

This might give you a head start if you want to write an Arduino library to talk to PATA drives

ATA Spec