How do I know what bootloader I just uploaded?


I have a mega2560 and IDE 1.0.5.

In order to use the watch dog timer i updated the bootloader that shipped with my arduino.

Now im having serious issues where all of my chips keep locking up after a few seconds of operation even when running sketches that i have tested in the past that would run endlessly and without hesitation.

I want to update to bootloaded stk500v2/stk500boot_v2_mega2560.hex but cant for the life of me determine if that is the bootloader that i have already uploaded.

Could someone please point me to something that indicates which bootloaders are supplied with the different IDEs (especially v1.0.5)?

Or show me a way to check for the version loaded on the arduino its self?


The easiest way to confirm the bootloader version that is installed is to upload the bootloader. Once you do that, look at boards.txt to see what you just uploaded.

There is a way to tell what bootloader is installed, by reading it out and comparing the signature against a database of known bootloaders. I think Grumpy_Mike showed how to do this based on the Arduino as ISP approach.

For the stk500v2 bootloader used on MEGA boards, you can enter "!!!" during the first few seconds after reset, and then enter "?" for cpu status. This will list the Compile Date, among other things. The one with the WDT fixes is NOT the one compiled in 2010. Actually, you should look at the source code in .../hardware/...bootloaders/stk500v2/stk500boot.c - versions with the watchdog fix should contain "WDT" somewhere in the file...

Looking at my install directories, it seems as if 1.0.3 and 1.0.5 have a fixed version, and 1.5.2 DOESN'T.