How do I know which TFT/LCD libraries work with which hardware?

I'd like to add a 3.2" TFT to my project, and I'm looking at several options (4D Systems, SainSmart screens), and I have found numerous code examples that include libraries for writing to these types of screens. Some of the examples, though, include code that seems to be specific to a specific type of hardware, and libraries that need to be included in order for "standard" code (e.g. LCD.println) to work with the hardware.

My simple goal is to buy a screen where I can print text of different fonts, sizes, and colors, ideally also being able to set alignment of the text (e.g. left or center).

Is there any easy place to turn for guidance on what screen to get, what capabilities it has, what libraries work with it, and what code samples that I find around the web that I can use with it?


It all depends on the display controller the panel uses. Most character LCDs use the same type (or one that's compatible), but with graphic LCDs (which is required for fonts, etc.) you need to be more careful. Generally, you find the LCD that has the features you need and want, find out what controller it uses, then look for the appropriate library.