How do I list the contents of an Eagle library?

It’s amazing, but I actually found something more poorly-organized than my own collection of electronic part: the collection in the nearly 300 libraries that come with Eagle.

How do I get a listing (preferably to stdout, but anything that creates a text file will do) of the part numbers contained in a library, so I can create a “master index” that tells me where to look when I want to add a part to a schematic? For the small projects I do, it can literally take me longer to find the parts than it does to draw the schematic.


First, note that it is not as hard to find parts as you think if you use the search feature and wildcards. For example, if you want to find an XYZ12345AB you can search for ‘12345’ from the ADD dialog.

Second, you can run the “exp-descr-html.ulp” ULP file that comes with Eagle to output an HTML file listing the contents of a library.

The “exp-descr-script.ulp” will do something similar but saved to a text-based script file which you can then post-process.

Third, in the library editor you can select File->Export->Directory and that will create a directory listing of your library to a plain text file. This can also be post-processed to create the type of concordance you’re looking for.

hi all , someone told me i should export the libraries of the 5.6 version as a script to my 4.09 version, but i dont knw how , thanks for any suggestions coz the arduino and tlc4950 libraries that i found dont work for any version but 5.6 so how to export them , or if you have another suggestion thanks