How do i make a fingerprint match limit for attendance system

Good day great arduino fam, i am new here. please i need assistance with a project i am working on. its on fingerprint attendance system.
my question is : how do i make a fingerprint match limit that is,(assuming fingerprints have been enrolled), place finger on fingerprint module for matching and setting maximum matching as 2.....1st match--sign-in, 2nd match--sign-out, 3rd trial-->error or user defined response?
i would be glad if i am assisted with this challenge. tnks

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Rather than trying to guess what the user is trying to do by the number of times they use the fingerprint sensor, why not just ask them with a couple buttons?

The user presses the button to sign in and then puts their finger on the sensor.

The device then gives visual and audio feedback that there was a match or no match.

Their name should pop up and a light should turn green on success along with a pleasant ding. An error message should appear with a red light turning on if there is no match along with a less pleasant dong.

That way it is obvious if there is an issue without the leader in the room having to pay too much attention to it.

And a user knows to try again if there's an error or call for assistance.

Log every attempt to sign in and out with a timestamp for reporting later.

Time limit.

Device is check in only in the morning 7-10; check-out only in the afternoon 15-18.

Those that scan their print 10-15 and are not yet checked in are flagged as slackers for they're late; those that scan their print but are already checked in are flagged as slackers as they're trying to leave early.