How do I make Arduino.exe a program under windows?

I mean like... install it. So I can open .pde files with it.

Shows up on start menu, easily accessed... that sort of thing.

More of a windows question I realize, but no way everyone goes through the file maze to start it, then drags their saved to documents files into the IDE.

("Open with" doesn't not recognize arduino.exe, and when selected, chooses the next on the list)

Just put a shortcut to the IDE in your Start Menu.

I guess then I mean, how do I open .pde files with arduino? b/c my computer doesn't recognize it as a valid program to open things with?

(No problems like this with any other programs or IDEs)

Either way, thanks for your help!

(Like, there's no install?)

On Windows you can right-click a PDE file and choose 'Open' from the menu. Since Windows won't know what to do with the file it will give you the option to look on the Internet or 'Select a program from a list'. Pick the list option and navigate to your arduino IDE folder. Find the 'arduino.exe' and select ok. Now you can just double-click a PDE file.

I know :( doesn't work for some reason, just goes to the next suggested one alphabetically

There should be a program named “arduino.exe”. Double-click on it. This is the program that opens the .pde files.

Click File->Sketchbook->Examples->Digital->Blink
This should open Blink.pde

Let us know what happens when you try this, and then we can talk you thru getting it on the start menu.

Good luck!

Yes, those works perfectly, as does drag and drop... I would prefer to click files and have them open in the right program however : (

(Say there was an install... and it said associate filetypes, or something : )

Sorry, if you're looking for an install program to do it for you, you're out of luck.

To add to the start menu:

1) Right click on arduino.exe and drag it to the desktop. When you release the button, choose "Create shortcut". 2) Right click on the start button and choose "Open" 3) Double click on the "Programs" folder. 4) Drag and drop the short-cut from the desktop into the Programs folder. 5) Close the folder.

Voila! Arduino is now in your start menu.

To associate arduino with .pde 1) Find any .pde file 2) Right-click and select "Open With" 3) Click on "Browse" and find arduino.exe 4) Make sure the box is checked for "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" 5) Click "ok"

Yikes - this should work, but doesn't seem to on my computer. It keeps wanting to open "Processing".

I know :) wth right? : )