How do I make the Arduino Mega work with Firmata?

Hey all,

I have a LED matrix with 140 LEDs that I would like to control using Flash (Firmata+AS3Glue) and the Arduino Mega. I initially tested a small matrix using the Duemilanove, and it worked perfectly. However, as soon as I tried plugging in the Arduino Mega in its place, it wouldn't work at all.

I did some researching, and apparently Firmata does not fully support the Arduino Mega. I saw a few posts where people mentioned the Firmata from the Maxuino website works, but I could not get it to compile due to this error:

'TOTAL_PINS' was not declared in this scope (line 34)

I am considering using a language other than Flash, or something other than Firmata to get around this problem, but I have not found any alternatives.

I need to have a graphical user interface, where the users select through the software which LEDs they want to turn on/off. With that in mind, I have no choice but to use a high level language to communicate with the Arduino, be it through Firmata or any other option.

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I have been working to bring support for other boards to Firmata, including Arduino Mega. Please, if you can, give this latest code a try:

AS3Glue probably will not support pins beyond normal Arudino, but at least those should work with a Mega. Eventually I want to update AS3Glue, but first this new Firmata needs to be released... and for that to happen feedback is really needed. Please give it a try if you can.