how do I make the arduino stand alone?

I've made some lights, got my code and everything working great. But I want to make more of them. I don't want to have to buy an uno and install it in every light. How do I make a surface mount, small uno? It's not very complicated code, nor does it touch the full capability of the uno. Just making some LEDs blink under certain conditions and some pwm states. I hate to buy a big fancy chip for something so simple.

Anyone have any advice?


Surface mount? I hope you have steady hands and good eyesight....


See Arduino nano or micro, why build. Lots on eBay

That’s perfect!!! Thank you very much. This community is great!

An Arduino Pro Mini clone is very cheap. It is almost like a barebone, but you also get the crystal and a voltage regulator.

You do need a usb-to-serial converter to upload sketches to it.