How do I make this code work on my Adafruit Circuit Playground?

Blog post here:

It says things like "int ledpin = 10;" I don't know how to translate that onto this board. I'm frustrated. I've spent about 6 solid hours trying to figure out how to simply make LED's fade in and out on my Adafruit Circuit Playground.

I'd like to know how to control 1) individual LED's, and 2) the whole board at once.

have a look at

Try pin 17?

It looks like a neat little toy, got lots of interesting parts.

The neopixels program through a serial bus, either SPI or I2C.
Neopixels have addresses and commands, they're not bare leds. They have dedicated WS2812 controllers.
If you hack into some of the many Learning examples you will find the code that runs the leds.

The fidget spinner tachometer looks fun. What else can it detect?