How do I make this code work with ws2801 type leds?

I found this code in the examples for the neopixel library and it is exactly what I need…a momentary switch changing the modes of LEDs! The only problem is that I do not have neopixels but instead have ws2801 type LEDs, which need a data and clock output, not just a data. How could I adapt this code to work with what I have? I experimented a lot and have had no success. I am new to this all! Thanks for any and all replies!

buttoncycler.ino (4.92 KB)

Adafruit_NeoPixel strip = Adafruit_NeoPixel(PIXEL_COUNT, PIXEL_PIN, NEO_GRB + NEO_KHZ800);

This line determine the type of LED strip is connected and has the information about the connection. Look in the library documentation (and header file) to see if there is an option for WS2801 strips.

If there is no option for your strips the FastLED library has.