How do i play a wav/MP3 file on Arduino Yun

Hello, i have tried to figure out how to play a wav file on my Arduino Yun for a while, but it doesn`t seem to work at all. Can someone please help me with som examples of code or some tips towards what might work.

Thanks in advance!

Start here, then add the information you forgot to post and maybe we can give you a suggestion.

I would not try to play an audio file on an Arduino. It's a microcontroller. you use it to control things, like an audio player module. I would use one to control a Catalex YX-5300, my audio player of choice.

The [u]TMRpcm library[/u]can play 8-bit mono 32kHz (or lower) WAV files from an SD card.

The regular Arduinos don't have a DAC, so it's actually PWM. It's not true-analog (or PCM) and this can sometimes cause "issues" with amplifiers.

It also can't drive a regular 4 or 8-Ohm speaker or headphones, so you'll need an amplifier or "powered" speakers. (It can drive a piezo transducer/tweeter).

The regular Arduino isn't fast enough to decompress MP3 on-the-fly.

[quote author=Geek Emeritus link=msg=4377182 date=1574185269] Catalex YX-5300, my audio player of choice.

Isn't that the same chip that's in the DF Player Mini?