How do I power my 7 v motor with my arduino uno (NEWB)

Hello, I'm relatively new to arduino. I got an arduino UNO for X-mas this year, and I want to make something cool with it ( I've made a device using a PIR sensor to turn on an LED in my science project this year, but I want to do more.) I was looking through and found a chassis with motors, encoders, and everything. The only problem is, the motors included need 7.2 v to operate. The voltage supply on an arduino is of course, less than that :0. Could someone tell me how to power these?

An arduino motor shield will work :)

Thanks. But how should I power the shield? Will it need a power supply that is at least the operating voltage of the motor?

The big terminal blocks are for power, 10-22 awg wire or so. 4.5v to 25v or so.

I kind of like the look of Fritzing's motor control edgy breakout, but alas it's not available yet.

A 6 AA NiMH battery pack would do 7.2V (well a bit more). But motors will run at a lower voltage - but slower. Never run motors direct from the 5V Vcc Arduino pin BTW, that's asking for problems.

What motor do you have? How much current does it need?