How do I power on/off LEDs remotely using an Arduino mini?

Hello everyone,

I am working on adding LEDs to my 1:1 scale BB-8 that I 3D printed. I am following another builders lighting set up but I would like to modify how the LEDs are get turned on/off.


I’ve also attached the electronics diagram for reference.

This builder is using XBEE to control his drive system and lights but the custom controller that he’s using is has more than what I currently need as I’m not adding a drive system until much later and just need a way to remotely turn on/off the LED’s without having to physically open the sphere to turn them on if I were to use a basic on/off switch.

I’m not sure if I should be using a different arduino board and if I could power on/off the lights through bluetooth?

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That's a question of your code and the connections to the Arduino from the leds if they are in series you can only turn two of them on or off. Look into some of the examples on Arduino site.