How Do I pull Data from a Device running Meter Bus and display it on LCD Screen

Hey everybody I have a project that I think I can make happen using Audrino but wanted to ask to get some guidance.

I build portable solar power systems for a living www.PortableSolarPower.Biz and I'm looking for a way to take the data output feeds from two different devices and then display the data from both devices on 1 LCD Display so all the data is in one place.

I am assuming that Audrino can take in the data from both devices and then output that data onto one of the LCD screens that are available online.

The 2 devices that I am using that output data are different and output data in different formats.

The 1st device I am using is a Solar Charge Controller that outputs data in MODBUS format: The Data Sheet for this Solar Charge Controller is located here

The 2nd device I am using that outputs data is the Victron Battery Monitor and it outputs data in the format outlined in this document

So I need a Audrino board that is super efficient that can accept the output formats from both devices and have softward on the Audrino board that can process this data and send it out to a external LCD display in a organized format.

How difficult could this be for somebody who knows how to program Audrino?

I want to integrate this LCD display into portable solar power systems we build at www.PortableSolarPower.Biz

All feedback is Greatly appreciated!

I don't know MODBUS (but there seems to be library for it). The serial from the monitor would be easy as would the LCD part. I would recommend a Uno for development because it will easily handle what you want to do and has great resources (libraries, examples) available.