how do i put in a youtube video on the form related to your project?


I noticed that some people have been able to put in youtube videos of their projects. How does one do that? I can post the link, but i just see the cryptic http://.... stuff. Others have the video visible and you can just click on it.

What is the method to do this?

Thank You, Walt,

You need to click on the URL button for Insert Hyperlink (3rd button on the second row on my screen). Inside of the url, /url tags that are created you enter your hyperlink. For example, I posting this inside of a code tag so it doesn’t interpret the tags:


would get to to the toplevel site:

It's probably too easy, which makes it not very obvious. You don't need any fancy embed html or anything. Just past the bare bones url for the video into your post and it will be embedded for you.

Pasting this url into a post:

Ends up looking like this:


I had to modify my link to get it to embed:

had to be