How Do I Put Wireless Radio Transmitting Module, In Sleep Mode

Hey I got a FS1000A wireless transmitter from ebay, the description says that it can go in sleep mode, to save power consumption, if the data pin is grounded, on the radio transmitter module, but how do I do that ? If I pull the plug between the arduino and the radio transmitters data pin, the radio transmitters goes in deep sleep mode, but if I connect the FS1000A datapin to the arduino, the FS1000A draws power, even if I execute the command

int outPin = 12; digitalWrite(outPin, LOW);

when digitalWrite(outPin, LOW); suppose to be running, I get a readout on my multimeter that says 2mv dc. and even then, I am still getting 5 mah power draw from the FS1000A

can I use a transistor for the task ??

how do I fix this XD

Since it reportedly draws only 4mA at 5V you can power it from a digital output pin. Instead of connecting Vcc to +5V you could connect it to a digital output pin and use HIGH to turn on the power and LOW to turn it off.

Thanks john, that works great. :D

Hi there,

How did you interface the FS1000A module with arduino? What baud rate you used? I used it with Arduino Mega and am getting a lot of noise and all corrupt data... Need to make it working soon!

If you searched for the datasheet and read it you would have seen this:

  • Device in deep sleep mode when Data pin is grounded