How do I read the default SSID of Arduino Uno Wifi from Arduino IDE


When the Arduino Uno Wifi is connected to power its default SSID is visible as “Arduino-Uno-Wifi-cc7f73”, where the last part “c7f73” is different from each Arduino Uno Wifi device. I want change the name from the webserver to a more suitable name, e.g. “Arduino-Uno-Wifi-Res001”, and another will have Arduino-Uno-Wifi-Res002", etc.

The I want I want to extract the last three digits (001, 002, etc.) from the default ssid “Arduino-Uno-Wifi-Res001”.
Do the default ssid have a eeprom location that is accessible from Arduino IDE code?


the number is part of mac address WiFi Link? the AP SSID build in ArduinoFirmwareEsp.ino function setWiFiConfig