How do I remove Items in an array?

Hi there! I am having trouble with arrays...
I am trying to put multiple variables into one, so I want a string variable like this one:

String netedStr = "1#4#2000"

So what is really happening in there is this:

int speed = 1;
int tilt = 4;
int rpm = 2000;

Now I have an array:

char myArray[9] = {"1#4#2000"};

and I want to turn that into:

int speed = 1;
int tilt = 4;
int rpm = 2000;

So I need to remove the hashtags!
But I don't know to remove items from an array...
Here is my code:

char myArray[9] = {"1#4#2000"};
String myStr = "1#4#2000";

void setup() {

void loop() {
  for (int i = 0; i < myStr.length(); i += 1) {
    if (myArray[i] == "#") {

Tell us what you want to do, not how you think you should do it

Create and use a struct like byte, byte, int, or whatever fits Your needs.
Using strings belongs to yesterdays hobby basic.
Also strings are not good to use in the Arduino/IDE environment. The memory get fragmentized due to poor garbage collection in the system. The memory management is not really existing.

I am trying to work with the Arduino IoT cloud and send data in one variable.
Altogether I am building an RC plane

None of those data types will work, I need a long sentence

Can You elaborate, expand, explain that a bit more?

Something like this:


I don't understand why you're mixing Strings and strings.

Strings and strings? the same thing, just different capitalization

Where does that string come from, how is created etc.?

What does the message block consist of?

No, not at all.
A String is an instance of the String class.
A C string is a null-terminated char array.

Here is the function:

String netTogether(int n1, int n2) {
  String MainNet = "";   
  MainNet += n1;   
  MainNet += "#";  
  MainNet += n2;   
  return MainNet; 

Okey. Why using it at all? n1 and n2 contains the information, both are integers.

What is the other layer of the code? For what is it used?

I am trying to work on the unNet function
For the reciver on the RC plane

It sounds to me as though you should be using an array of ints

Arrays don't work with the IoT cloud, I tried it

Is it a necessary condition that a cstring should have a null-character as the last element? If yes, then the following character type array is not a cstring -- correct?

char myData[] = {0x31, 0x32}; //{'1', '2'}; 

are you planing to remote control a plane through the Arduino IoT cloud? not afraid of latency (and possible bugs)?


unNet.... I'm not a member of that club so it doesn't help me understand.

For a receiver...... Is that string of characters transmitted from somewhere and You want to crack it down?
My wish would be to not create that string at all and use other methods, other coding of the data, if possible.