How do I search my username for previous posts?

I'm trying to search the forum for my previous posts. I see the search magnifier to the top right of the forum, but when I put in my user name - I get all types of hits.

So, how do you search for posts by user name?


Click your name. Click "Show Posts"

Yep. If you are using a PC web-browser, go to the right-hand top corner and select the on-screen menu that allows you to select ‘profile’.

This then lets you go to Forum Settings → Edit

This then gets you to an area, where one of the options says ‘show posts’. Click on ‘show posts’.

Regarding why we have to go down this particular road to get to a list of our own posts… no idea.

There is another path… if you post regularly… which is to find a post that you posted in a thread, then click on your ID/alias … which also brings up the ‘show posts’ option.

One extra option (which works well if you have a forum alias/ID that isn’t too general) … use google… then do a search for your arduino forums ID … eg ‘YOURID arduino forum’. That will lead you to a thread with your ID on it, which then gets you to a thread with one of your posts, which then allows you to click on your ID, which then allows you to get to ‘show posts’.

Got it. thank you