How do I send AT Commands from my PC to my Bluetooth modules via Arduino UNO R3?

I want to send AT Commands to my “XS3868” and “BK8000L” modules, whose AT commands I know well. But being a beginner in Arduino, I have no knowledge about the packages of Arduino and so I need help with the code. The code should also display the module’s response message after entering any command. By the way, I need a code which is interactive with the module, that is I should be able to the response messages of the module on my PC. And XS3868 contains OVC3860 which requires baud rate of "115200" while BK8000L requires baud rate of "9600". The details of these modules:
BK8000L: Category:BK8000 - ElectroDragon
XS3868: just google up for OVC3860 datasheet. It will be the first link.


The web is full of those 10 lines programs doing just that... have you done any research?