How do I send signals from Arduino through an RC transmitter?

I have this transmitter and reciever.

I would like to use my arduino to send signals to the transmitter, so that the transmitter sends those signal to the reviever.

Could somone help me with this??

Whenever I search for this on Google it only shows how to read signals from a reciever.

I would like to use diffrent methodes of controlling RC devices. For example using a old playstation steeringwheel or a pilot joystick.

I did a little googling and found the manual for it.

One of the pictures shows a "PC Simulator Jack" on the underside of the transmitter.

Now if you can find out the details on it then you might have chance but my gut feeling is that is only a output for using the transmitter with a flight simulator running on a PC.

Some transmitters have a "training" port but did not see it in the manual for yours.

You can probably remove the radio module itself and output PPM to it. It should be up near the antenna.

I do not have very much experience with electronics. Could show me how to use the radio module.

Don't you need somthing like a verification code so that the reciever knows wich transmitter it is talking to??

Before you take anything apart, bind the reciever with the transmitter. Then, open up the transmitter and take some pictures. Post them here.

I have bound the transmitter and the reciever and opend it up, i do not have it with me here, so i cannot post any pictures in about a week.

But I tried to imitate the potentiometer by using PWM to varie the voltage(like a potentiometer). And then i read the corresponding channel on the reciever with another arduino. It works, but the pwm signal I read is really jumpy.

Can soemone tell me why this does not work.

When I use the arduino to read a channel on the reciever (it does not matter wich one) the signal is always jumpy, It can go from 1500 milliseconds to 1510 milliseconds an all in between (when i do not tuch the transmitter joystick). Is this because the arduino is inacurate?? How can i fix this?

1500 to 1510 milliseconds is normal. I have a 6-channel system and it bounces a little bit. It should be absolutely fine. A servo goes from 1000 to 2000 milliseconds.

I am not able to post any images. Why can't i use pictures from my desktop. Is there a website where i can post my images and then add the URL to the Arduino forum??

I am not able to post any images.

Use the reply button, in the lower left corner click the options and then attach your image.

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Can soemone tell me why this does not work.

Have you smoothed the PWM? Do you know what PWN is?

Have you smoothed the PWM? Do you know what PWN is?

Yes, I tried to use some capacitors to smooth it out. I used a multimeter to measure the voltage after PWM that is going into the transmitter. The voltage is stable. If i do not change the PWM value the voltage stays exatly the same, but for some reason when I read the reciever it bounces way more than any of the other channels, and I can not do anything with it because it is so inconsistent.

What you see here is the circut board where the potentiometers connect to the transmitter, and the smaller circut board wich is the radio module.

The reason why I had truble earlier uploading pictures was because they where to large. So the image quality is reduced.

You need a series resistor as well as a capacitor to smooth it. A multimeter does a lot of avraging and will not show that ripple.

How would I connect the resistor and the capacitor?

SimonGry: How would I connect the resistor and the capacitor?

Did you read that link I gave you?

It shows you how to wire up a resistor and capacitor to make a filter.

Thank you. I am not able to try this right now, but I will let you know as soon as I have tried.

Thank you

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