How do I send the information got by a sensor to multiples arduinos


I am doing a project in which I have 5 arduino nano and two sensors of presence, (PIR and HC-SR04). The sensors are obviously connected only to one of the arduinos, but I would like to read the information or tu use the information in all of them.

I don’t really know which would be the process or even if it is possble.

Thank you very much

There are various forms of communication one can use to connect 5 uControllers and each form has its advantages and disadvantages. If the uControllers are far apart you might want to use wireless or you can use ones of the wired communication methods; SPI, CAN, I2C. Will each uController be requiring the data of the other sensors or do you just want the data going to a single uController for display and or further process? If you want to send the data from the 5 UControllers to a single uController for processing and display you may want to add in a 6th uController to act as the 'brains' or Master of the operation