How do I separate compiling from uploading ?

How do I separate compiling from uploading? Does anyone know if this is possible? I always seem to have problems uploading to boards that use a bootloader. The problem is if my timing isnt perfect then it fails to upload and Im forced to just wing it and compile everything again. I've noticed that if i use arduinoDroid on my tablet, or the program on my browser they have compilation separated from uploading. This feature makes it sooooooo much easier. The issue with those options for uploading is that I dont particularly want to use my tablet for coding and codebenders requires you to have a internet connection (which i dont always have). Sorry if I've missed something in the menus or settings but if anyone out there has a fix for this it would make me SO happy! If not..... maybe in the next update?


Do "verify" to test compilation without trying to upload. You can also export the compiled binary from the sketch menu

You might want to sort out your upload issue too

The uploading is the issue im asking about. My codes seem to verify just fine but the only option you have is to compile and upload all at the same time. Depending on what its compiling it takes longer than other and the bootloader times out.... so basically when the computer says its compiling I sit there and press the reset button over and over until I think its just about to start uploading. This is not so easy lol. Wouldnt it make more sense to have a COMPILE button and then a separate UPLOAD button? this is what ive seen with other software and my success rate is about %100. Im kind of just guessing with the Arduino IDE. I get the feeling like im doing something wrong but i cant seem to figure it out.

You only need to press the reset button to upload on really old arduino board designs - almost all boards made vaguely recently should automatically reset the chip at the exact right moment (via the dtr reset trick, for most boards).

It's a newbie - friendliness matter that led them to not provide a way to upload without recompiling, I think. It would be the #1 top support issue, newbies complaining that the new sketch "didn't stick" - when they were doing upload instead of compile and upload. An "upload old code instead of what youre looking at" button is a feature you can waste a lot of time with

And for recent hardware working correctly, uploads will just work. You should fix the problem preventing you from uploading successfully

I dont mean to sound rude but I think you're missing the point. This is only an issue with the Arduino IDE. I dont have problems uploading.... the Arduino IDE has problems uploading. This is a piece of cake when im using different software that lets me compile and then upload in two separate steps. Ive had to find out the hard way with these other programs too about how it will upload something other than whats on the screen infront of me.... but ive learnt that lesson. I have a UNO and its great... Ive also got a Tinkerkit LCD (essentially a leonardo) and a Adafruit Trinket 3v and they are both complete pains to upload too. However if i use ArduinoDroid or codebenders its so simple. No guessing you know? Just works.

They might be old but theyre new to me LOL. I am a total noob with this stuff but it just seems odd to me to have it do two things in 1 step and no other options.

To separate compiling from uploading, use the menu selection Sketch, Export compiled binary to compile and it saves the hex file in the sketch directory. Then upload the hex file with one of your "different software" programs where you have had success uploading separate from compiling. Or use the avrdude command line to upload the hex file.

For me, the IDE uploads after compiling, automatically and with no reset button presses and without pains. It just works and it is fast. Perhaps I've been lucky.

Yeah thats an option. i guess i was hoping there was some feature in the software that i havent found yet. Ill probably just keep hitting the reset button. After about four or five tries I usually get the timing right and it uploads. It really gets under the skin though when ive been sitting at the bench trying different sketch edits for a few hours lol. The uno was my first board and ive probably just been spoiled with its perfect functionality.

The problem is if my timing isnt perfect then it fails to upload

Modern Arduino boards are supposed to have a feature that allows the IDE to automatically reset the board immediately before the upload starts (regardless of compilation duration.) "your timing" shouldn't matter at all. Now, Trinket and Leonard have USB in firmware, and there COULD be problems with the reset vs enumeration in the operating system, but AFAIK it is still supposed to work; try checking on the adafruit forums...