How do I snap the arduino into the breadboard holder?

For some reason I can't seem to snap the arduino into the breadboard holder. It seems like the tabs get in the way of lining up the holes with the pegs. Any tips?

Any tips?

Yeah - how about telling us what products or components you are using, and how you are trying to get them to work...?

IE - what Arduino? What "breadboard holder"? Tabs? Holes? Pegs?

I don't know what you mean by "tabs", but I am guessing by "holes" you mean the single pin socket holes in the breadboard, and perhaps by "pegs" you mean "pins"?

Honestly, I'm just guessing at this point - so first tell us what products you are using; we can probably figure it out from there hopefully.


Sorry. I have an arduino uno. By breadboard holder I mean the plastic dish that looks like a card deck holder and has a lil' rectangular well for your breadboard to sit in on the left and another space for your green arduino board (not sure if you call it a microcontroller or what what the term is) on the right. Maybe it has a different name, I'm not sure. And by tabs I mean the plastic tabs that stick up along the edge of the rectangle (there are two of them) and are supposed to keep the arduino from slipping around. By "pegs" I don't mean the pins you're talking about, I'm talking about the round plastic bits that come out of the breadboard holder and are supposed to fit through the four holes in the arduino. I hope that helps, it's kind of difficult to explain in words.

I hope that helps, it's kind of difficult to explain in words.

That's why a picture link would be worth a thousand words. We all know what an arduino Uno board is and looks like. This 'holder' thing is something I sure don't recall seeing. Who makes it? where did you buy it? It's hard to help without links to the product you have and need help with.


Does this help?


Does this help?

Yes it does. I've never seen it before. I suspect you are suppose to bend the tabs away until the board 'snaps' into place, but might be a pain until one gets the touch right.


From the photo it looks like it is manufactured by Nufkraps scinortcele — contact them and see if they can help.

I put the board under the tab nearest the microcontroller then push down so that the tab next to the USB port "snaps."