How do I start programming?

Hi, I am even more new to coding. Where do you even start - I can access the Arduino cloud but want to start with some existing code and adapt it...



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Start with the examples in the IDE, they start with the simplest of code and build up. You can modify them as much as you like to see what happens when you do. There are also lots of tutorials on this site aimed at both beginners and people with more knowledge, you can modify the code in those too to experiment.

Have fun.

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Arduinos are programmed using C++. If you have the patience, working through a non-Arduino tutorial on the language can save you a lot of frustration later. Just the preliminary chapters will help.

Thank you for kindly responding. I am looking for examples that use the ELEGOO Tumbller and I can't seem to find any, or any tutorials, so maybe I am looking in the wrong place?

No idea what that is and I don't remember it being mentioned here ever. However, the simple examples should work with any Arduino compatible board. At this point you need to learn the basics of the language and the examples should get you started.

This web site was helpful for me when I was learning C C Tutorial

The language for Arduino is a modified version of C++. C is C++ with some bits missing, or rather C came first then C++ was developed from C. If you learn C first then add the bits that make up C++ you won't go far wrong.

ELEGOO provides an example sketch to run the car.

The "Resource" link near the bottom of the page points to a tutorial and examples:

Ah thanks! The word ‘car’ had made me think the tutorial was for another device. I can get reading now!

I've been a software developer for 20 years and I taught myself.

Start with an online course or book in C++. A decent one though, not these ones you see advertised for £30 was £2,000.

Once you have the basics then the best way to learn is to do. I learnt more in my the first 6 months on my first job that I did the year before learning from books.


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